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Inka Endowment Fund

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Inka Endowment Fund operates in Peru and Czech Republic since 2002, supporting education of Andes mountain range natives. It also contributes to Peru-Czech friendship and realizes cultural programs in Czechia. We hold exhibitions, lectures and discussions about the life of peruvian natives, counting over 500 between years 2002 and 2015. Cooperating with mr. Romans foundation (project Čtení pomáhá - Reading helps) and other benefactor we offer support for mayan organized projects benefiting the Mayans of Guatemala. >>> More about our projects in Peru…

We support the natives indentity. All our activities are respectful towards native traditions, including nature religions. There are no czech managers or volunteers operating in Peru. All activities are organized by experienced and educated native coordinators in cities and by local inhabitants in the countryside. Our desire is not to export the europian way of life and thinking to natives. The goal of Inka EF is for the natives to govern their affairs in accordnance with their needs and cultural values. That is the only truly effective development support. >>> More about our activities in CR…

Thank you for your donations! Your generosity will directly benefit Peruvian children and their families.


Inka Endowment Fund
Velflíkova 12
160 00 Prague 6 - Dejvice
Czech Republic (Europe)

workdays: +420 723 118 531 (Mrs Mikolášková)
irregularly +420 728 179 579 (Olga Vilímková)

Donation account
IBAN code: CZ70 0100 0000 5101 0470 0247



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